Blood Moon (dancer/puppeteer/choreographer) by Beth Morrison Project @ Prototype Festival, NYC

The Indian Queen (Mayan God/Dancer) by Dir. Peter Sellars (2013) @ Teatro Real, Madrid, Spain, and Perm Opera theatre and ballet, Perm, Russia



        Sleep (ensemble/dancer) by Ripe Time (2017) @ BAM Next Wave Festival

The Oldest Boy (puppeteer/dancer) by Lincoln Center Theater (2014) @ Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, Lincoln Center

Deadly SheWolf Assassin at Armageddon! (She-Wolf Sister/Iyagu’s Daughter/BML’s Force/Rogue’s Wife) by Big Red Media, Inc. & Spectrum Music (2013) @ La MaMa, NYC

現世幽世:Utsyto Kakuryo ~passing by the other shore~ (Shion/Ishi : lead) by Samurai Sword Soul (2013) @ HERE, NYC

激流:Gekiryu ~when the torrent takes their lives~ (Kaede : lead) by Samurai Sword Soul (2011) @ DNA, NYC

Scattered Lives (Sakura : lead) by Samurai Sword Soul (2009) @ FringeNYC Festival

(among others)


Christopher Williams (2006-2013) : The Golden Legend, Asshole/60X60 Project, the portuguese suite

The BodyCartography Project (2009-2010) : 1/2 life

Nami Yamamoto (2005-2009) : a howling flower, the last word was PAPIREPOSE, etc.,

Sally Silvers (2009) : Yessified!

Peggy Choy (2007) : Gateless Gate: Women of the Scarred Earth

Risa Jaroslow Dancers (2004-2006) : Whole Sky

Sondra Loring (2002-2004) : Out of Space, Workers Dancers Stories, Traces, The Living Room Project, dance all day

Anita Cheng Dance Co. (2001) : Remap, Dancenowfest 2001

(among others)


Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed by Dan Hurlin (2016-) @ LUMA Theatre, BARD College, NY, ADI (Lumberyard), Rockville, MD

Shank’s Mare by Tom Lee and Koryu Nishikawa V (2015-) @ Japan Tour 2016, La MaMa, NYC, RIAF 2015, Sarasota, FL., and La MaMa, NYC

        Falling Out (dancer/puppeteer) by Phantom Limb Company (2018-) @ BAM Harvey Theater, NYC

Memory Rings (dancer/puppeteer) by Phantom Limb Company (2015-2016) @  BAM Harvey Theater, NYC, UCLA, CA, OZ Arts Nashville

69°S. (dancer/puppeteer) by Phantom Limb Company (2011-2013) @ Grand Theater Groningen, Holland, and US Tour includes BAM Harvey Theater, NYC

Stravinsky’s Firebird by Little Orchestra Society (2010) @ Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC

Ko’olau by Tome Lee (2008, 2010) @ Hawaii Tour, and La MaMa, NYC

Wind Up Bird and Chronicle by Stephen Earnest (2008) @ The Asia Society, NYC

 (among others)


Father of Mine (Akane : lead) by Aaron McFarlane (2006)

Jump On Me (Dancer) by Rita Ackermann (2005)

No One (Dancer) by Arielle Javitch (2003)

 (among others)


Paris Syndrome (female phone call) by Ex. Pgirl



Chapter 11 (2008) @ Danspace, St. Marks Church, NY

The Samurai Creed (solo) (2006) @ Danspace, St. Marks Church, and Thomas Hunter Hall, Hunter College, NY

Bushido, The Way of Warrior, was a code developed by the samurai between the 9th and 12th centuries in Japan. It is based on Confucian, Shinto, Buddhist and Zen principles. The Samurai Creed is a poem written by an anonymous samurai in the fourteenth century, and it depicts the fusion between these religions, philosophies, and ways of living. These are the ideas the samurai honored and those by which they lived. Beyond time, space, culture, and gender, something unchangeable abides in all of our spirits. Searching for the royalty and glory of life, the spirit continues to live in a foreign land and space…..

?UX=?UR (duet) (2005) @ BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, NY

To hear, talk, listen, read, watch, imagine —- everything we process constructs who we are, who we are to become. Without awareness, without being selective, we risk allowing unfavorable thoughts and negative energies to seep into our experiences and color our perceptions. What You X is What You Are asks: “Have you remained true to your essential self?”

The dancers use movement to allude to ingesting, digesting, regurgitating, and rejecting. They alternate between their own lone preoccupations and coming together to threaten, test, abuse and control. With a touch of humor, Kitamura takes a look at the external world of information and stimulation, and through unique movement choices, suggests how these forces influence a sense of self.

Degrees of Breath (solo) (2004) @ BRICK studio, WAX, and Thomas Hunter Hall, Hunter College, NY

It is a work that addresses the mysteries of breathing. It is based on understanding of how breath influences choices in movements. In this work, there are two opposing creative instincts: the instinct to control and manipulate the body, and the instinct to permit breath to liberate and release it.

GL(R)OW (2003) @ WAX, Williamsburg, NY

Inner Loop (2003) @ The Kaye Playhouse, NY

Old thinking pattern” shapes behaviors in the present. The karmic pattern (cause and reaction) creates the same story over and over, even with different people and different circumstances by trapping oneself in the “past” by repeating the same story.

This piece presents inner state, not only psychological realization and disturbance but also “actions inside of a head.” What the audiences see is the actual actions of remembering and recollections of the inside of dancers’ mind: physical action of the PRESENT and psychological action of the PAST, simultaneously.

(among others)