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SLEEP (work-in-progress) @ Japan Society

Ripe Time/PlayCo work-in-progress Haruki Murakami’s Sleep Friday, February 26, 7:30 PM Saturday, February 27, 7:30 PM Sunday, February 28, 2:30 PM 333 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017 Box Office at (212) 715-1258 SLEEP (work-in-progress) @ Japan Society

Shank’s Mare @ La MaMa

November 06 – November 15, 2015 Thursday to Saturday at 8:30pm; Sunday at 6pm Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street   Shank’s Mare @ La MaMa Shank’s Mare Facebook Page Tom Lee

The Indian Queen got Golden Mask Award!

The production i worked for last year, called The Indian Queen, got five Golden Mask Award in Russia! Great news and happy for everyone! It was really great experience to work with all amazingly talented people!!! Opera production by Peter Sellars wins at Golden Mask awards  

Gratitude… (感謝・・・)

just out of curiosity, i googled my name. this performance was long time ago, but i found this… ちょっと試しに自分の名前でググってみました。 かなり前のパフォーマンスですが、これを見つけました。 This was about the point that I thought I couldn’t possibly take anymore. If this is what our world is, I can’t bear to live in it. Then something amazing happened. Takemi Kitamura approached a Continue Reading »

Reheasal of The Oldest Boy started!

Rehearsing of The Oldest Boy started a week ago. Exciting to see bits of bits coming together slowly. but challenges are, we will be there 6 days a week for the rest of the year! wow! and, 92 performances total! wow, wow, wow… I have never done something like that, and it feels like a Continue Reading »

welcome to my new website!

angel @ BBG Sakura Matsuri

Check Takemi’s Blog and Upcoming Event schedule. 「自分を表現しきれば、そこに神は宿る」 これは横尾忠則さんの言葉ですが、私の大好きな言葉です。Performing Artist として、そして一人の人間として,どんな瞬間にも自分を表現しきる,そんな生き方をしたいと思っています・・・