Gratitude… (感謝・・・)

just out of curiosity, i googled my name.
this performance was long time ago, but i found this…


This was about the point that I thought I couldn’t possibly take anymore. If this is what our world is, I can’t bear to live in it. Then something amazing happened. Takemi Kitamura approached a small circle of light cast from directly above the middle of the stage. Her body was filled with a quiet bravery. She proceeded to perform a dance that originated in her hands but affected everything the entire room. It was frantic, but delicate. Hands are often symbolic of creativity since we use our hands to craft things. As her frenetic energy grew, so did her desire to get something out, to say something. That’s the point when I remembered why I wanted to live: that the human spirit is stronger than anything.

i was deeply moved by this article…. if i gave even only a person out of hundreds for a hope for the life, that’s enough for me to perform… to live…

これには逆に勇気ずけられました・・・ もし本当に千人の中の一人でも生きる希望を与えたとしたら、それだけでパフォーマーとしての意味、私が生きる事の意味を与えてもらった気がします・・・